GermEval 2017 – Shared Task on Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis: Data

On this page, we provide the datasets which were created for the GermEval 2017 Shared Task. See the workshop page for description of the subtasks. We also provide the annotation guidelines (in German) for reference.


This work is licensed under the CC-BY terms.


All data is provided in XML and TSV formats.



Additionally, we provide older versions of the data in a separate folder.



<Document id=ID>
        <Opinion category="Category" from="A" to="B" polarity="POLARITY" target="TARGET"/>


ID <tab> Text <tab> Relevance <tab> Sentiment <tab> Aspect:Polarity (whitespace separated)

Documentation and Support

More information on the task and and statistics on the data, see the workshop paper:
GermEval 2017: Shared Task on Aspect-based Sentiment in Social Media Customer Feedback (Michael Wojatzki, Eugen Ruppert, Sarah Holschneider, Torsten Zesch and Chris Biemann)

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